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What colors of clothes suit me best?
Published 16 September 2015
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Buying a blue shirt or a white t-shirt again, people do not usually analyze, why exactly these colors. They already have several of the same colored shirts in their closet. Often this is because of habit or business. Later, as they are preparing for some important event, which has a special meaning for them, they have difficulty in choosing the right clothes. They do not know how to look fresh, dynamic, competent and attractive, or romantic and cheerful

What to Wear?
Published 20 May 2015
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All of us sometimes ask the question, what to wear? It seems that we have a wardrobe full of clothes but when trying on some outfits, we are not happy with our appearance in the mirror. It looks like something is missing in our complete outfit, or on the contrary, our whole look is overloaded with details.
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The art of choosing perfume
Published 26 October 2015
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Every day we take our favorite perfume from the shelf, use it without thinking, and then continue on our business. The perfume's scent works for us all day long, as well as clothes and shoes. Why dont we choose more carefully?